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16th May 2018, 02:14 AM
There will be an across the board price increase on most if not all our products as of 1st July 2018.

The price increase is due to constant rises in the prices on all petrochemicals not only liquid but waxes, plastics, etc plus a rise in ethanol and another massive jump in the price of shellac and other natural waxes.

Rise will be kept to the minimum amount possible as we have always done.

Cheers - Neil

30th June 2018, 02:31 PM
I have just been put new Recommended Retail Price List on our web site (http://www.ubeaut.com.au/ubhome.htm). It can be viewed by clicking > (http://www.ubeaut.com.au/pdf/retail18.pdf)HERE (http://www.ubeaut.com.au/pdf/retail18.pdf) (http://www.ubeaut.com.au/pdf/retail18.pdf)<

I have also updated all the Info Sheets and MSDS's which can be found by clicking > HERE (http://www.ubeaut.com.au/infosheets.htm) <

Updated U-Beaut Polishes (http://www.ubeaut.com.au/ubhome.htm) web site should appear in the wee small hours tomorrow 1 July 2018.
We have managed to keep the price increase to around 5% across the board. http://www.ubeaut.biz/woohoo.gif So considering the current high prices of everything petrochemical altogether and a lot of price-gouging on waxes and other raw products, it's nowhere near as bad as I thought it may have been.

Cheers - Neil :U
PS Any online orders received before 12:00 mid night today 30th June 2018 will be honoured at the old prices by us. Some of our distributors may have another month or two's worth of stock available at the old rate, depending on their pricing policy and how on the ball they are at updating their sites and computers, etc.