View Full Version : Help with timber ID please

4th June 2018, 02:40 PM
I was given a crotch piece of this timber some time ago. It was picked up from a roadside collection near Nelson Bay, NSW and was destined for firewood. It was probably a garden tree. The original piece was about 300 mm diameter, so clearly a tree rather than a shrub.


The photo is a leftover flitch which has been planed flat. I applied a little oil to the top left to pop the grain.

The family horticulturist found it and gave it to me as silky oak which it is clearly not. It is a hardwood and similar density to jarrah. It turns nicely with a fine finish off the tool. The expert at the local woodturning group thought I could be brush box or turpentine but was otherwise puzzled.

Any help would’ve appreciated.

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