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15th Jul 2018, 04:57 PM
Hey all.

I was wondering what delivery companies you guys use for sending timber within Australia. I have used "e-go.com.au" for smaller packages weighing less than 25kg, but an unsure if this is the best option for timber of various dimensions.

I have some crafts packs of timber which are generally 1m long and 10 - 15cm wide (and a stack of them making it to 20cm deep).

So what do you send and with who?


15th Jul 2018, 06:51 PM
Just be careful and read the fine print. I sent an item by courier from Brisbane to Sydney. Booked online was given a quote and paid by the only option credit card. The final bill was an extra $22 to cover pickup and delivery, environmental and extra fuel charge levies and booking fee. I quoted a price to the customer based on the original freight quote. I won't do that again.

Cheers Bucky

15th Jul 2018, 07:12 PM
Bunbury is a difficult one if what it costs me to send things there is anything to go by. Fastway will handle a large carton weighing up to 18kg as far South as Mandurah for me (I have an account) for $18.15, but if I want the same thing delivered to Bunbury the cost will be anything between $140 and $250. :oo: No wonder people are prepared to drive to Mandurah to pick things up from an agent. e-go aren't any better.

In the absence of an account with a courier/freight company I suspect you will find it hard to get a better deal than with e-go. In my experience if you're sending from the West to the East the rates tend to be a fair bit more attractive then the other way around anyway. Auspost is pretty expensive once the weight goes up and/or you can't fit the item in a prepaid satchel. I have had some people sing the praises of Sendle, could be worth a look.