View Full Version : Pre-catalysed Lacquers!

19th Oct 2018, 09:27 AM
I am looking for recommendations for a Pre-catalysed Lacquers, to be use in wood turning.

In both Gloss and Satin.

What size containers are these available in?

What is the shelf life for these?

Where are the available from?


19th Oct 2018, 11:42 AM
Such a wondrously wide question!

-- IF you are looking for finishing small items (such as pens) and seeking a lustrous, hard, durable finish, then CA (cyanoacrylate) is the best choice.
-- IF you are seeking specifically precat nitro, then Wattyl Stylewood is hard to beat. It is orderable for a sane price from thepaintplace.com.au

-- IF you want something that is dead easy to apply, one can buy nitros in spray cans. Guitar places are FANTASTIC for getting finishes from. These guys are OBSESSED with finishes, so take a squizz here: https://www.guitaraust.com.au/finishing.html

Personally, I use all these. On the finishes I LOVE Rothko & Frost, Behlan Rock Hard, CA from Hafele (or Bob Smith Industries is also excellent), and the Wattyl Stylewood I would unhesitatingly keep rebuying 4L cans.... the Stylewood is outstanding for big jobs.

All this stuff can be used at home. Use reasonable precautions :)

Edit: I stupidly forgot to mention MIROCAT. These are unbelieveable: MIROCAT PC Pre-catalysed Lacquers - MIROTONE | MIROTONE (http://www.mirotone.com/products/wood-coatings/mirocat-pc-pre-catalysed-lacquers/) They are, however, a bit hard for consumers to get hold of. If you have a LincolnSentry office near you, it can be obtained from there.... plus you need good spray gear. Microcat is a pro product and will give you a rock solid pro finish, but you need to sure of yourself using them.