View Full Version : Scheppach 2500 wood turning chisel jig

The Big Kangaroo
23rd Jun 2019, 08:59 PM
Hello all. I feel like a serial poster but after this one, I will taper off I promise. Just a quick shout out to anyone who has a scheppach 2500 chisel sharpener with the wood turning chisel jig who knows how to use it. I had a credit to spend at Sydney tools but no one knows how to use it. I have had several contacts with a lovely lady from scheppach who has done ever so well to explain it to me but there are way too many questions left. ANy help would really be appreciated.

25th Jun 2019, 12:30 PM
I used it for a while many wears ago. Best explanation really is the pictures on the box. Hard thing to explain in words. That and fiddle about with the rest bar and amount of chisel protruding to get the bevel angle. When setting up to sharpen adjust so bevel sits flat on wheel surface. There are likely youtube clips out there too. I found it did an ok job but the setup takes time and really slowed down my turning so I went back to a regular bench grinder after a while.

PS something spooky going on. I have no idea why the word bevel became a link to an ad.

25th Jun 2019, 05:44 PM
what orraloon says, watch some of the tormek youtube videos, essentially the same design and functionality minus the micro adjuster.

Just make sure you spend time truing the wheel before useage, these machine a notoriously out of wack from factory. if you want a no fuss sharpening system buy the tormek jigs, they're great for a beginner and a massive time saver when setting up your jigs/support bar.

In a nut shell, fill the tray up with water, raise/lower the bar to match the bevel angle and get sharpening.