View Full Version : Repair service for an Elu drop saw?

11th Nov 2019, 02:46 PM
Hi all, my trusty but old Elu has started making a very scary wheezing sound especially (but not only) when slowing down to stop. Does anyone know of somewhere in Melbourne I could take it to have it looked at / repaired. I know I'm due for a whiz bang new Sliding Compound Mitre Saw (I'm thinking probably Makita) but I want to keep the Elu going as well. It has always been a really good saw.
Thanks heaps.

11th Nov 2019, 08:46 PM
There are multiple tool repair stores in Melbourne. Two I know of, one in McKinnon, the other in Hughsdale. Not sure which area of Melbourne would suit you.

11th Nov 2019, 09:18 PM
Thanks Handyjack. I think I've found one in Preston which is a bit closer to me in inner West. Cheers