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26th Mar 2020, 06:25 PM
I'm using an 18mm straight router bit. I'm using a router that's mounted under a router table.
I am trying to rout a notch which is 10mm deep. It is 20mm away from the edge of the timber.
The wood chips as the router enters it. I've attached a photo to show that.

Do you have advice on how I can rout cleanly without chipping?



27th Mar 2020, 11:31 AM
I'm far from an expert, but to me this would seem to be a case of attempting to do too much too aggressively. To start, you need to take small passes to reduce the amount of timber the bit has to disgorge from the stock. You can do that by cleaning out the waste roughly beforehand, using say a saw and chisel to remove the bulk, or you can simply start by taking small passes through the timber, raising the bit a small amount, and running the piece back over the router. You also need to make sure you're introducing the timber to the bit in the correct way - are you doing that?
Also, how are you doing this cut? Talk thru the way you approach this, there could be a process improvement that could help

27th Mar 2020, 12:17 PM
Hi Amos and welcome to the forum. It looks like you're running the left (20mm) end against the fence? You'll always get tearout like this if you're routing across the grain. The way to minimise it is to use a sacrificial piece on either side of the stock. You'll need to clamp the pieces together. You'll also need a square piece of timber/mdf, whatever, to act as a guide to ensure that your stock remains square to the fence. You could use the square piece as your rear sacrificial piece if it's a suitable thickness.

Hope this helps. Cheers, David

27th Mar 2020, 01:12 PM
Just use a hand saw and a chisel, quicker and safer.

27th Mar 2020, 07:05 PM
Clamp a scrap piece behind it,act as a chip breaker, or cut the grain across with a knife or chisel beforehand.