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Bob Whitworth
8th Apr 2020, 11:23 AM
Taking Life Seriously.
I believe that I had a difficult childhood for many reasons which even now I won't talk about. As a consequence there was a lot of pressure on me to perform academically which was unfortunately against my ability and nature. By great personal effort, I found myself in first year university studying science. This was so difficult, you cannot believe. Incredibly in our small church, I had to go to church in those days, was someone a year older who had passed this subject and he gave me some valuable assistance which I'm quite sure helped me to pass the exam. I then went on and completed the degree.
I got a job and because of my nature, saved all my money. Frankly I hated the work and decided I wanted to purchase a degraded farm to lead a more casual life style and to put into practice my environmental morality and to restore it.
While working, I met someone who had a similiar mindset. He then resigns and rents a cheap farm house in an attractive locality. I visited a few times and he told me of a nearby farm that was for sale that had all the characteristics of what I was looking for. After considerable effort and consternation, I was eventually able to purchase this, in some peoples' eyes, a serious liability. Over the years, my treeplanting has transformed it into an arcadia.
After I had moved in, the old neighbour told me that the farm had only come onto the market to be sold because the previous owner's elder son had died from snake bite. A very symbolic and sobering death.
After moving in, and probably having been here for about a year, I noticed the initials of a previous owner carved into the wall. The thing is that these initials are the same as mine. I cannot help but think, is this seriously strange or is it fate?
Looking back now, I can see a chain of events that is even distressing. The first person who seriously helped me was killed in a car accident about a year later.The second person who told me about his place was also killed in a motoring accident a year or two later. The third person to die, I've mentioned as he was the previous owner's son.
My grandparents were theosophists to a degree and I always had an interest as well. The first person who died,I believe that I met in my one and only vivid dream, a few days after his death. Not long after moving in and meeting some of the locals, I discover that there was also a local theosophical group. I then make a request to join and am accepted. It has since been disbanded but that does not matter.
In my own way, I take life very seriously. I can now see how several people somehow by fate, had helped me and seemingly from my point of view, then lost their life. I know it is too much to say but could their mission have been to assist me? It is a troubling thought. Yes, I did my treeplanting and the farm has been transformed from desperation to arcadia. A visitor once exclaimed, perhaps in a different context but still here, "I have truly found paradise!
On joining the theosophical or perhaps an esoteric group, we were told that it was like going to war. Life is to be taken more seriously.

clear out
9th Apr 2020, 09:49 AM
I had to look up theosophy.
I visited with my wife a few years back and you took us for a short hike to see some of your beautiful trees.
I also have a friend up from Kyogle who has a nice property where the natives trees are being regenerated and looked after.
His wife works at the local native species nursery and every week brings home something different.
Thank you for what you have done, I was very worried when the fires were happening up your way.
I have here in Sydney a Cedar I planted soon after we bought our place in 1986.
It’s now quite a decent sized tree as the moth didn’t find it for a dozen years or so.
I can see it when I draw the bedroom blind up, it gets lit up as the sun comes over the street trees and neighbours house.
Quite motivates me to get moving and go out to the workshop behind it.
Big citys are soulless, you must decide what you want and make your own luck.
Thanks for your thoughts and especially your energy and tree planting.

Bob Whitworth
10th Apr 2020, 09:52 PM
H, Thanks for all of that. Yes, I'm still here with the trees. In a good site, Red Cedar can do quite well. Luckily, there were no serious fires around here and our spring and early summer was dry but with some much appreciated rain.

11th Apr 2020, 05:57 AM
I don’t take life too seriously or overthink or over analyse anything as it just tortures the soul.
I like to just run with my gut feeling and take everything on face value and enjoy the moment and what you have control over and accept the rest.

True happiness is being at peace with yourself.

Bob Whitworth
11th Apr 2020, 08:36 PM
To me, as I get older, I can't help but think about life and how I've gotten to where I am. When younger, for sure, you just take it as it comes. Of course, I like to think about it all but as you say, there is a limit as to how much you dwell on things because if too much, it becomes neurotic. Opportunities that have been missed are gone for sure and although it may hurt, they are lost for good and we have to move on. Oh yes, I still do regret missing some things though!

artful bodger
15th Apr 2020, 08:18 PM
No point taking it all too seriously.
Sooner or later everyone in life who has helped you, hindered you, loved you or hated you will be dead.
So will everyone who remembers you.

Bob Whitworth
15th Apr 2020, 08:32 PM
A lot happens between birth and death. What I like, maybe I really like and so much want some more so I take it all a bit seriously and make some good plans, but then, when it has all gone, it has all gone! Maybe soon, but not quite just yet! Oh no, not just yet.