View Full Version : Good programs for drawing plans and cutlists?

28th May 2020, 05:06 PM
Can anyone recommend some good programs for drawing plans and making cut lists for projects? Free would be perfect, but I get that you sometimes have to pay to get the good stuff. :rolleyes:

28th May 2020, 05:45 PM
Fusion 360 + mapboards pro. Steep learning curve but worth it in the end.

I did learn sketchup but found out the hard way that non-parametric design is a waste of time. Needed to change the thickness of cabinet carcass material and would have had to start from scratch.

28th May 2020, 05:54 PM
DraughtSight either basic or advanced
Just check to make sure that whatever software you end up using that your computer has the where with all to run it as the majority of decent CAD programs run on 64 bit plus plenty of RAM and a decent graphics card

28th May 2020, 06:43 PM
The plenty of RAM and a decent graphics card requirements might be an issue on my current machine. Looks like I will have to upgrade in the future! :D