View Full Version : How much mulch will I need?

26th August 2020, 06:00 PM
I am thinking of moving and part of the exit requirement would be tidying up the little garden out the front - it's about a metre wide and probably 13 or 14 metres total length with trees in it.
Can anyone tell me how much mulch I would need to cover it - I'm thinkng of going with the cheapest, Bunnings have Pinegro 70L Pine Bark Mulch @ $9 a bag - how many bags would I need.
I am not a gardeners a--hole, I just want to neaten this up as quickly and easily as possible, and I am aware that on the exit inspection it's the first thing that will be seen.

26th August 2020, 09:14 PM
Depending on thickness spread you are looking anywhere from 0.75 cubic metre to 2 cubic metre. Thatís a lot of $9 bags, get a local garden supplies place to give you a price,

26th August 2020, 09:22 PM
or find a local tree lopper to drop off a truck load of stuff at the end of their day - you might get waaaaay more than you want. But they're often looking for places to do this that means they don't need to pay to dispose of it.

26th August 2020, 10:01 PM
I'll have a dip.

1 cubic metre should give approx 75mm over 13 metres.

Good luck.

26th August 2020, 10:17 PM
If you have a lawn then mow it and use the clippings as mulch and is much better, or get 100lt bags of sheep manure. Don't use pine bark as that just starves the soil of water (rain or hose)

Sir Stinkalot
27th August 2020, 12:31 AM
As it seems to be a rental and is just to get the final inspection across the line - how about a bag or two of sugar cane mulch?


$30 (even $16 if you keep it thin across the ground) and you should see it done with left over. Click on the customer reviews were there are some installed customer photos - looks neat and tidy and improves soil when it breaks down.

30th August 2020, 06:11 PM
Thanks for the advice folks.
I actually hadn't thought of the tree loppers - I have a BA wagon, I may well just put a tarp in the back and ask a local tree lopper if I can come round their yard and scab some shreddings.

30th August 2020, 08:27 PM
Have a look around for a landscape/gardening suppliers for mulch, cheaper by the meter, put it into bags in the back of the car so it’s easier to unload

Chief Tiff
30th August 2020, 10:27 PM
See if the tip sells mulch; my local council tip sells mulch for $15 per cube.

30th August 2020, 10:43 PM
Weight up getting a landscaping place drop off a cubic metre (or half) onto your driveway.

They will usually charge ~$50 - ~$100 to do so but charge you bulk rates on the material so you may be ahead with price anyway compared to bags.

Then instead of pulling bags apart you just wheelbarrow to where needed.

It's really hard to end up with too much mulch. You either pack it higher where it could use it or offer to neighbours, or place around trees or under bushes (just don't pack around the neck of a tree trunk to avoid rotting it).