View Full Version : I think I need an engine hoist

6th October 2020, 10:08 PM
I'm in the midst of moving house. My bench is made from recycled ironbark and the top is VERY heavy (100+kg?). When I built it I used a boat winch hanging off a convenient girder in the garage to raise it onto the base.

The boat winch is long gone and I thought I could use an el cheapo Aldi come along to lift and lower the top for the move instead. I got the balance point wrong and the load shifted and now the come along is jammed and it wont release a notch at a time anymore to let me lower the load.

The top is at least touching ground on one end but I can't shift it from where it is swinging in the air. I'm cautious about trying to tinker with the cam to get it to move as I'm afraid it might give way entirely and crash to the floor taking me out with it. :oo:


I think I need an engine hoist to get out of this predicament. I will need one anyway at the other end of the move to lift it back onto its base as the new workshop unsurprisingly does not come equipped with a convenient girder in the ceiling!

Anybody nearby Burleigh who might be able to help out with the loan of a hoist?

7th October 2020, 07:48 AM
Tie it to the beam (multiple times!), use a Spanish windlass to raise it fractionally and take the weight off the come-long, then cut the rope on the come-along. Fix the come-along, and start again!

9th October 2020, 10:13 AM
Thank you Warb!!

It was enough to just take some weight off the come-along to allow the jammed ratchet to be released and everything started working smoothly again. No need to cut anything. :-