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17th August 2006, 08:35 PM
Hi to all

As this is my first post I put it plainly and simply. I'm a blacksmith by trade but I like working with wood the hard way (by hand) Just as I do with steel. I recently aquired some semi seasoned teak about 19 months since being milled in 75mmX150mm. My primary carving is done with seasoned hardwoods. My question is what problems in regard to cracks and warping will I encur using this timber before it is fully seasoned.
This timber will be used for a rifle stock were shrinkage around the action or butt plate is critical to appearance. I could wait but I'm just itching to use a new and different material.



cedar n silky
19th August 2006, 07:37 PM
G/day. I have worked some Australian teak, turning bowls. Teak is one of the oiliest timbers going, so it is probably more stable as it dries out than many other timbers which loose mainly water as they dry out. There are ways of drying timber out quick, like soaking timber in metho for a few days (rough turned bowls) and then exposing them to air. The metho pulls the water out very quickly, rather than waiting for the bowl blank to air dry.