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Tex B
20th October 2006, 10:31 PM
Well, workshop really, not a shed.

Spent about 3 hours at DIY DAN's in Mt Kuringgai today. Don't tell the boss.

Ran about 60 metres of brush box (I think) and spotted gum flooring through the jointer and thicknesser. Filled up the dust collector.

What a great setup. While I was there, Dan played a bit with the Felder table saw. I was tempted to find something I needed to cut, just to have a go. But I was a good boy and stuck to what needed doing.

The jointer was a treat. Long bed, sharp blades. Very nice. Bit of tearout on the spotted gum, but mostly loverly cutting. Amazing how much I thought was pretty flat was actually a bit bowed.

Thicknesser was a Carbatec 15 inch 3 hp. No snipe, even on the 35 bits of 450mm hardwood I put through. Very little tearout on the sg, none that I noticed on the other. The machine ate through it like my teenage son eats pasta, never slowed down.

Dust extraction was quite good.

The proprietor was great. Wouldn't let me sweep up when finished. Even offered a cuppa! He was doing some interesting carving while i was there, and I'm hoping he'll post a pic when finished.

Bottom line, for about $65, I used about $3000 worth of equipment for a little over 3 hours.

So, I could spend $$$ to buy the equipment that I have no place for, or head up the road a few minutes for a fraction of the cost. Well, being a financial guy, I did a net present value calculation, applied the Black/Scholes option pricing model, and came up with the conclusion that we should short suppliers (sorry Brendan) and go long on DIY DAN and his competitors in other capital cities. (For the non financial types, use Dan's gear instead of buying your own).

I'm a fan, and plan to go back.


(Dan, you do offer commission for referrals?)

20th October 2006, 10:36 PM
Dan should be congratulated for setting up that workshop. For a little over $20 per hour to use all those great machines AND not have to sweep up... Magic :D

20th October 2006, 10:46 PM
Was it Builder's Tea or English Breakfast?

Tex B
20th October 2006, 10:50 PM
Didn't have the tea. I prefer my caffeine cold.

But it looked like proper stuff. Reckon if I had asked for Assam Delakhat, he would have pulled some out of the cupboard.


20th October 2006, 10:52 PM
Dont you blokes up in NSW prefer camomile tea:confused:

Tex B
20th October 2006, 11:05 PM
Dont you blokes up in NSW prefer camomile tea:confused:

Only with our Chardonnay.


20th October 2006, 11:18 PM
I reckon Tex makes a fair argument for those like me who are spatially impaired in the shed space department.

What are the similiar options in other cities like?

20th October 2006, 11:25 PM
Congrats DIY Dan. It is a great workshop, very spacious. I love the router table, it is very simple but solid router table.

There are 2 things you can improve. You need to get some better blast gates. The plastic ones from Carba-tec are rubbish. Get the metal one from Major woodworking or Lee Valley. You need to store some timber in the shop. It is no good having a Felder but have no wood to cut.:eek:

21st October 2006, 09:06 AM
Dont you blokes up in NSW prefer camomile tea:confused:

You're a bit confused Ligs.

Camomile Lotion is what some rub on after a day in the sun.

For our southern cousins, the sun is that round, bright shiny thing, up in the sky, that you may occasionally glimpse between showers and drizzle. Also not all rivers are the colour of mud and in most places the sea and sky are blue not grey.

27th October 2006, 09:30 PM
Thanks for the rap Tex, and yes, for every new PAYING customer that you bring into the workshop, I'll give you $ 5.00 of your bill when you come in. That also goes for any other forumite. Sorry to dissapoint you Tex, but I don't have any Assam Delakhat.

Also have some news guys. My website should be online by Monday or Tuesday next week. Take a look, I think its great.