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4th Oct 1999, 08:53 PM
I am a beginner in wood turning and live in New South Wales near Newcastle.
I was wondering if there is a good supplier in my area where I can buy timber for turning. I am only doing small objects at the moment. If there is no supplier in my area does anybody know where there is a good mail order supplier. At the moment I am only working in Peach and Oak but would like to use some more exotic timbers.




4th Oct 1999, 10:16 PM
Welcome to the BB Simmo.

If you did a search through the Yellow Pages on the net I am sure you would find what you want.

Hope this helps.

Ian () Robertson
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6th Oct 1999, 03:27 AM
Hi Simmo

Peach and Oak? You are using the more exotic timbers.

You will find there are a few suppliers in the Newcastle area. I have the names of a couple, somewhere. Unfortunately I have forgotten just where that somewhere is for the moment. If I find them I will post them on the BB for you and others in the area.

However I suggest that in the mean time you ring either Ron Cathcart 02 4942 8347 or Keith Boaz 02 4946 7509 from the Woodworking club and ask them. There were a number of timber suppliers at the Newcastle Expo and they should be able to put you in touch with them.

Neil http://ubb.ubeaut.com.au/ubb/smile.gif