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24th January 2007, 09:53 AM
I want to get a reasonable set of headphones for music and movies/tv.

I want to spend $200 - $300

I was looking at the Sennheiser HD 555 or 590

What headphones do you guys use and or recommend.



24th January 2007, 02:40 PM
From the forum at www.headphones.com.au (http://www.headphones.com.au) http://www.headphones.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7

Recommendations from the vendor ni the price range you're after...


Open; Audio Technica ATH-AD700 (http://headphones.com.au/prod_one.php?productID=178#top)
Fantastic for the price. If these headphones were branded with a name that starts with S they'd cost $300+, they easily compete with headphones in the $300 range. A very balanced and detailed sound, however the even bass response might not be suitable if you're after heavy "doof doof" bass levels and nothing else.
Great for games, great for music, easy to drive and comfortable. They leak like a sieve and are huge so not suitable for use where leakage is a problem and not really that great for portable use unless you don't mind the stares http://www.headphones.com.au/forums/images/smiles/slywink.gif

Beyerdynamic DT440 (http://headphones.com.au/prod_one.php?productID=5#top)
Easy to drive, good allround sound suitable for pretty much any application. Downside is the comfort; they tend to be a little heavy and some people find the earcups to be a little too shallow causing your ears to touch the inner foam.

Closed; Ultrasone HFI-500DJ1 (http://headphones.com.au/prod_one.php?productID=65#top)
Great closed headphones for the price. Heaps of isolation from outside noise, foldable for good portability. These are great for LAN gaming, DJ use or music listening where you want slightly harder hitting bass. Despite the "DJ" in the name, these are a very nice allrounder.

Ultrasone HFI-650Trackmaster (http://headphones.com.au/prod_one.php?productID=10#top)
Great closed headphones for mixing. Balanced and even/detailed response, a step up from the DJ1 in all regards.

Ultrasone HFI-700DVD (http://headphones.com.au/prod_one.php?productID=64#top)
Bass? Bass. Easy to drive too!

Beyerdynamic DT250 (http://headphones.com.au/prod_one.php?productID=11#top)
Great studio headphones. Balanced and fairly neutral sond with slight treble rolloff, good listening headphones if your're sensitive to treble but also great for mixing because of their flat response. One of the best headphones around from a technical standpoint.

Audio Technica ATH-A900 (http://headphones.com.au/images/prods/Audio%20Technica/ATH-A900.jpg)
Around $300 these are probably the best closed "allrounder" great for gaming/music etc, easy to drive, comfy, reasonable isolation. Downside would be the size making them a poor choice for portable/transportable use.

Isolating; Etymotic ER-6i (http://headphones.com.au/prod_one.php?productID=132#top)
Great portables with high levels of isolation making them perfect for frequent fliers. Still a lot better in both sound quality as well as isolation than most active noise cancelling models, plus they're more portable - no batteries required and small enough to use when sleeping without getting in the way too much.

28th January 2007, 07:26 AM
Thanks Silent,

I never thought there would be so many choices!