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1st Jul 2003, 04:14 AM
I just moved into my first house and I am trying to decide how to fix my garage up. I am new at this so please bear with the lack of terminology.

My garage is fully drywalled and I am trying to figure out the best way to hang things. Instead of hanging things from the drywall or only hanging things from where I can drill into the stud I want to be able to hang things without worrying they are going to fall.

On one side of the garage I am going to build a workbench and also hang my tools. The other side will be for my fishing equipment. I surf fish so most of my fishing rods are very long and therefore have to be hung horizontley instead of vertically.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I thought about attaching plywood on the walls by nailing it to the studs. That way I can hang anything I want by screwing or nailing into the plywood instead of the drywall. Would that work.

Any help is greatly appreciated along with any suggestions on other things I can do? Cabinets?



1st Jul 2003, 07:58 AM
Hi Person why not get a sheet of peg board cut it length ways butt the two together & mount on a pine frame then mount it to the wall that would be pretty well long enough to support surf rods . Or if you are lucky enough to own a stack of rods just use 2 full sheets .

1st Jul 2003, 01:49 PM

In my previous house I nailed directly into boards that were screwed into studs. This was OK until I changed my mind about layout or acquired more stuff (which the garage seems to do). Avoid that approach if possible.

In my new house I'm starting to mount pegboards using this approach http://benchmark.20m.com/plans/FrenchCleat.pdf. This provides a lot of flexibility later. Be careful if you decide to attach deep shelves to these cleats as any serious weight away from the line of gravity directly below the cleat will pull the mounting cleat out off the wall cleat. Also have a look at this tip http://www.woodworkingtips.com/woodtips/wstip40.html

I find pegboard on its own very limited in what it can hold, even when you use those crappy wire brackets sold in hardware store. You can make up your own specialised holders using basic plywood and they don't have to be highly complex - just suited to the shape of what you're trying to hang. All you need to do is attach some wall plugs to the back of the holder that will fit snugly into the holes on the pegboard.:)

9th Jul 2003, 04:43 PM

You could do any number of things.

Whats behind the dry wall ? (I assume you refer to gyprock as drywall ?)

If its a brick wall tear the gyprock out altogether. If you are gunna use it as a work space the gyprock is going to get damaged and look ugly sooner or later so may as well get rid of it. This will also allow you to drill directly into the bricks, hammer nails into the studs, use the noggins as shelves etc..... endless options.

If you want it to look "pretty" so your wife will like it there are endless commercial solutions available - try going to "Howards Storage World" and get some modular hanging systems - the one I like is the type where you mount a horizontal bar (solidly into the bearers of course) and then you can hang some vertical rails from which you can suspend all types of crap. We've got one in our walk in wardrobe and if you mount them solidly they are SERIOUSLY strong!

But seriously get rid of the gyprock. We'll turn your garage into a shed in no time! Cars are suppposed to sleep outside - thats why they make 'em waterproof!!