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old dog
1st July 2007, 11:03 AM
Caught this Cod back in Feb when it was nice and warm. lam not keen on this cold weather but thats life.anyway we where fishing in the Murray river at Cohuna it was about 4.15pm when l hooked this one' the river was running high at the time, the bait was coon cheese yes, a good substitute for grubs! which are too bloody dear too buy now' and the grounds too hard too dig' being in the worst drought in history.The cod weighed in at 10 pound and just over 70cm long, just a baby in the cod world l suppose, and note' l didn't kiss it and and put it back no fear this one went home with me. He's a picture:D

4th July 2007, 06:27 PM
Nice fish old dog. :)

I got this one last holiday at Inverell - about 3 feet long and 25 to 30lb. Unfortunately not a good pic of the fish as it is horizontal across my hand cuz to hold these guys upright can kill them.

I let mine go.

old dog
9th July 2007, 01:09 AM
Thats a nice catch there TeeJay well done mate! like l said mine is only a baby in the cod world .:)

25th May 2009, 03:58 AM
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here is mine 50plus pounds over a meter and the blood is mine ,,,he lives to fight another day:2tsup: