View Full Version : Ply problems...

Dickie Wrecked
24th July 2007, 10:22 PM
So, does anyone out there know much about Plywood? I'm under the impression that CD grade should be fine (for making PA speaker boxes), but I have been dissapointed in the 'good' face of most stock, and I can't afford to have knots or voids where I am joining corners or braces. I've splashed out and bought some nice looking (BB I think) sheets, but they cost me over $140 for a 2400x1200 sheet.
Does anybody have any tips on Plywood grading? Or tips on better prices? Or even, does anyone know if there is birch ply in Australia?
I'm also developing some Guitar speaker boxes, and want to finish the front baffle off with a tasty looking veneer. Where is a good place to go? I was going to go to Rarewoods in Abbotsford(?) but I've a suspicion they don't exist anymore.......

Any help wood be greatly appreciated.