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17th Sep 2003, 10:27 PM
G day all,

Where are the wood carvers. There are never any postings from carvers.

A while back Nadcarves posted a piece on sharpening of chisels.

Nadcarves, I need more help.
Last week I droped my 12/6 V tool point down on the concrete. It is now a sorry sight.I have spent a couple of hours on the stone and can only see one small spot of white light but the cut is not smouth, in fact it is feels very jaged and catchy.

I started by using the tool point down to the stone to smouth the tip of the chisel and then worked both sides and over the corner equally but am still not happy.

It was a good tool. Any help or advice would be appreciated

Regards Terry.

10th Oct 2003, 02:03 PM
where have all the carvers gone, they are carving one by one, send me the damn tool, it will be back in two weeks.I can't sit in front of a computer,there is just too much to do. For me, the busy season is upon us, and Santa marches out the door in droves,for the last year.I went out and picked up a F200 Duplicarver with more attachments than Britney Spears has for 400 us, and a 4.5 hp band saw, to cut logs into rough shapes. Many ideas for carving, need to modify duplicarver to do two or three 40 percent roughouts(santas). I invented the screw chisel and need to do a write up,along with the proper use of "the long mallet". Ashley Isles made the former for me..As the economy cools,need to get into more shops,want to get a bunch of articles out(as you see ,I am a long winded bastood, once I wind the key. And, I take care of the old bag lady by giving her many things to yell about. Being partially deaf, I don't hear her anyway,so no problem..I also have a bunch of Black Walnut logs to be blocked,yas wants ta send me the tool, hit nadcarves@yahoo.com for address,,,,now get the hell off the computer and carve, cordially nad