View Full Version : A real yarn

Allan at Wallan
28th Aug 2007, 09:54 PM
I was walking through Target the other day when an
attractive lady and I happened to glance at each other.
We held our gaze momentarily then I moved along.
However we got to the next isle where we exchanged
brief glances again and I began to wonder if I perhaps
knew her.
As we walked through the store she seemed to be always
near me, not talking, simply giving me a nice smile.
Finally I approached the checkout only to find she ducked
in front of me to be served first. I was not at all offended
as she had been very friendly up to date, so I just smiled
and let her go through.
Having put her goods through she proceeded on her way
and I then placed my goods on the counter. When the
cashier asked me for $150 I nearly fell over as the total
should have been around $30. I said that there must
be a mistake. The cashier said that my "wife" had already
put through $120 worth of goods and it was then that
I realised I had been taken for a ride.
The woman was still in sight but headed for the exit door
to the street. I said to the cashier, "Hang on a minute"
and took off in pursuit of the woman.
Just as the woman reached the front door I tried to grab
her arm but she broke away from me. I tripped on the
mat but desperately grabbed her ankle and stopped her.

And there I was, wrestling with this woman by pulling
her leg ... just like I have been pulling yours for the last
couple of minutes.:roll:



I am not at all worried about dying
... but just hope I am not there at the time.