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21st December 2007, 10:00 AM
I have after a lot of deep consideration made up my mind to acquire a small caravan (pop top maybe). What I have decided is, because I am not flash with the cash (pensioner), I have a 12 foot fiberglass boat on a trailer with a 15 hp Evinrude , with a custom made heavy duty full length canopy with see-through mesh side curtains all completly renovated 2 years ago and all the required safety gear , I would like to swap it for a small van. I dont mind if the van needs work, I was a motor trimmer by trade and can do just about any woodworking repairs needed. The only reason I am considering swapping the boat is that I need 2 people to go out in it, and when ever I want to go out, theres never any takers. So it has to go. It has been sitting under the carport for the past 1 1/2 years doing nothing.
Any offers ????? :doh:

25th December 2007, 09:43 AM
You got the wandering bug after your trip to Germany Neil. :) I know what you mean about the boat. My son bought one when we lived in Sydney and before he bought it everyone said how much they would enjoy it and go out on it every weekend. That happened for about 3 weeks and in the end the boat just sat there. My son loved it but nobody would find the time to go with him. Pop tops are not cheap but hopefully you might find one that needs a bit of restoring that you can work on.
Have a nice Christmas day mate and will catch up with after Christmas I hope.

Wild Dingo
26th December 2007, 02:46 PM
Good luck Neil

Sad but true about the boat thing mate... so many people buy boats of all discriptions from small dinghys to bloody great cats and monos and yet after its all said and done the boat sits on the trailer or in the marina for years without anyone going near it... sadly most owners think that their boat after years of neglect can still demand the same money or more than they initially paid for the thing so it then sits for even more years in the brokers window getting even more run down and in need... until finally it gives up an dies... then no one gets to enjoy it.

Same with caravans I guess... how many vans simply sit in backyards or under carports year in year out without ever going anywhere or having anyone inside them? too many Id bet... an initially "great idea" go travellin do some trips go bush then well it gets too hard for many or life changes and so it sits and slowly rots until its bloody useless for any unless they do some repairs restorations and such... but still the owners have this demented idea that the thing is worth as much as they paid for it back when they first bought it.

Sadly same can often be said about cars and motor bikes as well I guess

A swap is a great idea if its possible... damn but I do like the old ways of doing things you know swap for something both of you would enjoy more and get more use out of or even a bit of bartering.

Anyway Neil all the best with it

signed a bloke in the wrong state with just such a caravan which will be sitting doing nothing when the lad leaves home... might have to post a swap here when he buggars of again eh! :2tsup: