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21st Jan 2008, 09:26 AM
Hello to everybody I have been a keen forum watcher for quiet a while now because I have been thinking about building a small sailing boat. Through info I have read and picked up from this forum I have decided that that I have the confidence and woodworking ability to build in stitch and glue.:rolleyes: Having decided on the method I need help picking a design.:?There are a lot out there any suggestions and advice would be appreciated.:2tsup: I would like to build a boat approx 15ft so that I can sail two up with a bit of gear. Due to my inexperience as a sailor I will need to build a design which is going to easy to rig and learn to sail.

21st Jan 2008, 10:22 AM
Gidday gnome bloke.

Your question should have you inundated with replies with everyone calling out their favourite design, and it won't really help you make a decision.

Send me a PM. I just happen to have a bloke staying at my place who knows a bit about this stuff, and my boats are spread all over the lawn at the moment, so if you feel like a trip down the road to Mooloolaba, you can see 'em for real, and go for a sail too.

Then you can go for a sail in some others, or at least talk to someone whose built and sailed the design you have in mind before you commit.

I think for a boat that size there are easier ways of building, the ones based on Bolger's "Instant Boats" are a great example.

I'd seriously give the PDRacer a shout, even though it's a "little" boat, it's perfect for what you describe, particularly for a beginner.

There again, the Goat Island Skiff is the size you are after, and very simple to build and rig. There are a couple being built on the Sunny Coast at the moment too.



21st Jan 2008, 04:45 PM
Welcome to the forum mate. Midge is right, a post like this will be inundated with design replies.

If you have the skills to stitch and glue, you would have the skills to build clinker ply. I reckon Phoenix III seen here http://www.baysidewoodenboats.com.au/ might suit - apparently the instructions/building manual are very comprehensive for inexperienced builders.

Some of Graham Byrnes plans are well detailed for stich and glue http://www.bandbyachtdesigns.com/

If you are concerned about not having enough knowledge to build, go for plans that have lots of infirmation/instructions and don't forget you can ask questions here till the cows come home for free.

if you get stuck during the build, you'd be able to find a boatbuilder locally who could give you an hour or so and keep you on track.



22nd Jan 2008, 09:09 AM
Midge thank you for your quick reply I would like to take you up on that invitation but I am visiting cockaroach country for the next week or so.The Pdracer may sail ok but is a little small and I would like to build a boat that looks like a boat. The GIS seems more to my liking would you say that that with the lug sail it would be a good boat to learn to sail. I have checked out Michael Storer's web site and believe you have also built one. What was your sailing experience before you sailed it and what were your first impressions?

22nd Jan 2008, 09:32 AM
Andrew thank you also I am familiar with your Web site and your work I was that impressed with the Gartside boat I bought a Raffle ticket.I have seen the Bayside site but am a little overawed by the ply clinker construction. I feel that when I start this project I want to finish it and not bight off more than I can chew so to speak. I think a lot of people buy plans start the construction and then do not finish for that same reason.I like the Bandb boats especially the Core sound 15 what is a Cat Ketch rig like to sail?