View Full Version : a little addition to my mess

29th Jan 2008, 05:08 AM
Trying to do some clean-up in the shop today..... Always seem to find distractions when I do. There were these pieces of Plywood and then there was this Lexan, Pegboard too. These gloves are always hard to find or stuck in a cabinet, etc... So after procrastinating the cleaning I did make life a little simpler here in the shop.


Simple design borrowed from SWMBO's Kleenex box holder except I left the end open so I could slide the box in whilst hung on the wall. I made two while at it and hung the other inside the cabinet door in the laundry room, just for her use as she keeps "borrowing" mine.


I used 1/2" ply scraps and some Lexan for the front so you can see what is in there (drilled some 1/16" holes around the edge and used small headed brads to secure. The pegboard on the back allowed for placement of a couple screws shot through the opening to the wall. All handy scraps cluttering the shop. See, I did clean-up.... some.

29th Jan 2008, 05:21 AM
Good idea Hickory. :2tsup: