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13th April 2008, 01:29 PM
Hello Michael,

First of all I would like to thank you for designing the Goat Island Skiff that I just started building. In my search for a design that would match my requirements (good performance under sail with a maximum crew of two, good looks, decent boat to row and within the reach of a novice builder), I stumbled across your Goat Island Skiff on the Woodenboat Forum. More searching on the internet led me to Peter Hyndman's site and your own website/blog which convinced me to buy the plans.

Today I started work on the GIS by cutting out the various gaboon plywood parts. With respect to the transom I do have one question however.

The paper plans that I ordered from Duck Flat Wooden Boats provide different measurements for the second set of lines along the sides and the bottom of the transom (true size face) that allow for the bevels from the lines of the true transom shape to the outside corners of the cleats.
- According to the text and figure 4 of the building instructions, I should allow for 7 mm along the sides and 12 mm along the bottom.
- According to the A3 plans, the side lines of the transom should be cut 5 mm and the bottom line 8 mm outside the true size face.

Could you please let me know which measurements happen to be the correct ones?

Thanks & Regards,


13th April 2008, 11:33 PM
G'day Joost,

Welcome to the squadron. Mik's just had a hard weekend at a boat festival and is frantically preparing for a 10 day boat building course so he may be a tad slow in answering your enquiry. However, he is a consciensious lad and so may choose to make a liar of me :- If his reply is a bit slow coming though, that's why :wink:

As for an answer to your question, I'm afraid I can't help you :-


14th April 2008, 05:26 PM
Hi Joost,

And welcome.

One of your countrymen SOLing is also building a Goat. He started with all the smaller bits.

I just checked the current version of the plans. That mistake has been fixed.

The correct measurements are
7mm for the sides
12mm for the bottom.

If you have made it the smaller size it won't make much difference as the epoxy will fill the gap.

Best wishes