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30th August 2002, 09:23 PM
Anybody know the whereabouts of a neat timber canoe plan. Hoping it isn't too complicated but I didn't want a plywood canoe even though it will be my first attempt at a boat.

30th August 2002, 10:34 PM
yep go to www.bearmountain.com (http://www.bearmountain.com) I actually got the plans from them but I now know you can get them from duck flat wooden boats in Adelaide.they have a www addy but cant remember it.
My plans are the prospector which is a 15ft strip plank canoe and with the book its a simply system of building. I think I paid about $AUD60 all up for the plans and book from Canada inc freight. have fun

Wild Dingo
18th May 2003, 04:06 AM
:cool: One of me favorite subjects!! :D

Okely dokely :p

Number 1 on the hit parade... Mac McCarthy http://www.feathercanoes.com (Feather Canoes) beautiful strip planked canoes called the Wee Lassie and the Wee Lassie 2... come in 2 sizes 11ft and 13ft and can be made to a sailing canoe... {Im in the processes of building both these two little ladies :cool: } Macs got a book that you should get from your library called "featherweight boatbuilding" published by and available from woodenboat {http://www.woodenboatstore.com} the book includes the plans... well worth geting from the library and scanning as a keeper or shelling out the money to buy a copy!... Macs a great fella and answers emails real quick and friendly :cool:

Number 2 would have to be "the man" himself Gil Kilpatrick author of "Building a strip canoe" available through your local library includes plans for several designs up to 20ft very detailed and worth buying published by Delorne... http://gilgilpatrick.com/

Number 3 on the hit parade with a bullet is... Green Valley at http://www.greenval.com/ they have a selection of 8 canoes ranging from 14ft to 18ft

Number 4 would be as fxst says bear mountain boats

Number 5 would be heritage canoes at http://www.heritagecanoes.com/index.html

Number 6 would be Duck Trap canoes at http://www.duck-trap.com/2002can.html ...these are lapstrake not strippers and very sweet!

Number 7 would be... Newfound Boatworks pretty good site and info... http://www.newfound.com/plans.htm

And number 8 as a tribute to Aussieism... duckflats! at http://www.duckflatwoodenboats.com/ great bunch and a quite a range of different boats to have a gander at... oh and they also stock plans for Bear Mountain boat canoes!! :cool: as fxst says the plans for the prospector 16 is $60AUD the others are all $115AUD {postage paid}

Im done for now... of course the best info resource on strip planking is the forum at guillemot... http://www.guillemot-kayaks.com/index.html This is Nick Schades site a fine fella and a wealth of paddling experience kayaks not canoes but relative in some ways... another is the one ocean shop site again kayaks but again relative with regard how to with strip planking a hull http://oneoceankayaks.com/Shop.htm and then you could wander in and have a bit of a gander http://www.clcboats.com/

But I think maybe theres enough to get yer started :cool: ...or lost as the case may be!!:D


21st May 2003, 11:40 AM
Fantastic information and pictures.My 13 foot kayack looks shoddy by comparison.Once upon a time,I worked for OCF,the fiberglass people,we had a project to make a canoe out of WEP.Which is water extended polyester.What you do is jack up the cobalt naph,add about 5/7 % MEKP ,throw in a blender,add water (use the water to make it go further,less expensive than resin)and put in a mould containing fiberglass.Damned stuff would lose the paint,dry out and crack,in water,would absorb and gain weight, I think one had a motor,and the thing was tested in Buckeye Ocean,kept very quiet,it broke and the technician came very close to being a boating statistic.It was winter and both water and air were quite cold.Then we had the glass reinforced cement canoe,developed for a company that actually wanted to produce the things.I seem to remember some problems,don't think they are being made.Had someone done a marketing study,I doubt the project would have gotten off the ground.Everyone,one time or another has been up SChmitts creek in a stone canoe without a paddle...cordially nad