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Wild Dingo
25th May 2008, 10:46 PM
Other owners of Conway campers in Aussie

This thing has me buggared :~

Ive managed to get the framework almost together but there seems to be two peices missing... where the frames come to a peak over the camper itself (once the beds are folded out) the bloody frame members on one side are the same flamin size as the damned peice they are meant to click into!!... of course one end NEEDS to be smaller diameter at the end so it can slide up and lock in to the other but nope these buggars are the same diameter as the one they are meant to lock to

Ive gone over all the bits and bobs that came with the thing... and cant find what Id expect to find... Im expecting to find a length of tubing around 15in long with both ends thinner than the main part so they slide up and lock to the two ends of the frame... nothing.

Somehow I dont think all the framework for the large annex are there but for now all were trying to do is get the friggin camper bit sorted so we can buggar off for a weekends camping up in Collie over the long weekend... Somehow I think Ive got a couple of wee lathe jobs coming up!! :2tsup:

Theres no previous owners name on any of the paperwork only the damned caravan sales place... wonder how one finds out who owned the thing last?

One good thing I found out was the stove works!! WHAHOOO!! and there was a fold up table and a camp table/chair thing in there as well :2tsup: Given what we acheived today almost getting the camper setup its gonna be friggin huge :2tsup: when we finally sort the thing! :doh:

Anyway its a Conway Olympia built in 1998 in the UK... are there any other owners out there who can give me a few pointers?


25th May 2008, 11:02 PM
I am sure someone here (http://www.conwayowners.org.uk/units.htm) might help. Google is your friend Young Dingo:q

Happy searching Shane,


26th May 2008, 10:56 AM
or here Shane the builders/makers site not far from cousin in the UK


Wild Dingo
28th May 2008, 02:38 AM
Gidday fellas
Ive been in contact with Keith from the conway club in the UK but seems theres very few of these particular units around... the only instruction manual he had was a generic type which was a bloody shocking thing to try to read! :C Couldnt make out a word of it let alone the pictures... so no real help there

The makers site linked doesnt work Wheelin... but Ive been there to and nothing

mmmm Bit of a tricky one methinks... so havin had the thing up (without the annex bit) there seems to be just these 2 bits missing and now having more time to cogitate upon the problem a bit Im thinking 2 peices about 4 in long would do the trick... so... ahem... now we have recently sold the OLD buggared big caravan and am selling the smaller one they both had annexes... soooo what Im plannin on doing during the long weekend is to take one of the poles from the one thats gone and cut 2 lengths to fit and either drill the holes for the button things or else crimp down the ends so they slot up inside the two peices.... probably drill simply cause Im a lazy buggar and that sounds easier more simple than the other way

This will give us AT LEAST the camper part with the beds which for now is the IMPORTANT part... then work on the zip issue with the annex... problem #1 seems that there are 2 zip pull bits for each side that meet in the middle where theres a small gap just enough to stop the zip end going through to the other side... anyways some dumbass pommy git got antsy and pulled one sides through to the other and now all four zip ends are on the one side... hence it doesnt zip up and connect the annex to the camper... problem #2... then theres the matter of the poles... I have NO IDEA if theyre all there maybe maybe not but dont see a huge prob with that part as I said Ive plenty of annex poles to make something up with as long as the apex peices are there Im in business

So given that the thing only cost 1900 and if these three issues are the only issues with it then Ive finally had a win!! :2tsup:

At present Im not to bothered about the annex as the bed area is the main thing so we can actually use the thing... Were thinking its gonna be a WARM bed and probably BLOODY HOT during summer to sleep in... but even so it will be comfy and easy enough to setup once we get the hang of setting it up and packing it away properly

Oh and Ive got to make a clamp for the gas bottle in the front bin... ooh and Ive got to cut and drill a 1/2in plate then drill for the new tow hitch... what else? nothing!! :2tsup:

Well eventually... we will raise it 4 to 6in drop the axle down and widen out the wheel arches for bigger off road type wheels... but at least Ive now had a good gander underneath and its base is STEEL!! EXCELLENT!!! :2tsup: And the sub frame work is spaced at 18in distances between centres so no reinforcement needs be done under there just some extra steel under the present side rails where the axles attach... and make a new top of course... but as it is once the 2 bits are fabricated and the tow bar fitted we can be off!!... Should get those two done Saturday and away either Saturday arvo or Sundy morn!! WHAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Imagine that! Campin an havin a GOOD SOFT BED!!! AFLAMINMAZIN! :2tsup:

28th May 2008, 06:17 PM
Tried again Ding I had no problem.

would the poles off one of those out door shade thingys be any good.

28th May 2008, 06:48 PM
broom handles big enough for poles?

Wild Dingo
28th May 2008, 11:02 PM
nah broome handle would be too thick... I had a hunt around today while holdin my constantly flowing stomach a mad rush out the back through the rain back to the dunny back out in the rain back to the dunny etc etc finally managed to find an old pole from an old annex long since gone to wherever old caravans go and this should be large enough yet small enough to fit nicely over the buttons to hold it firm... will cut and drill the sod on Saturday... if the damned rain buggars off that is!! cause I gotta open the camper up again to get at the flamin bits I need to check :roll: rain strewth I hate the stuff... well I dont really it just seems to happen when I least want it to is all :doh:

29th May 2008, 10:07 AM
Gee how many days a week do you work

Your own cooking I presume :p Shane or to much chilli

Wild Dingo
30th May 2008, 05:24 PM
Mate this last week Ive been off work crippled up puking an shyting like billyoh with a bout of food poisoning :C ... damned italian sausages :~ if they werent so bloody nice Id never touch the things again! :doh:

Yep I do all my own cooking :2tsup: That way I KNOW its good tucker!! :U italian sausages excluded of course :roll:

Am on a roll at present... kids have been screamin an squarkin for months for me to make me famous roo an emu lasange so Im gettin the bits an bobs together this arvo and gonna whack up a batch on Sundy feed the whole tribe... me mate that gets the meat for me wasnt sure he could get any emu but if not then some nice young goat will do nicely... sans her highness and Jac an Brie of course who have taken of to Perth for a netball competition for the whole long weekend so they MISS OUT!! tuff titties! :U

Didnt used to be that way back when she was here Id cook once a month or every second Sundy if I was in the mood and she wasnt... but she was a fairly good cook so I let her rool the kitchen... nowadays its me or nothing and I dont and wont buy fast food so I cooks up a storm from time to time... bloody handy havin a whoppin great freezer!! :2tsup:

Planning a nice chocolate an mango flan for sweats and made a bloody ripsnorter chicken soup the other day... of course the flan may not make it cause well... Im sorta addicted to mangos so Im expecting me an Josh to just eat the things before they get near to cookin!! :B

Oh the other thing I must do tomorrow is head down to Kirup and get some more "Syrup" then call in at a few winerys and pick up a couple or 10 bottles of some nice reds... cant abide white whine tastes like vinigar that stuff but red? oooh yeah love it!! :2tsup: And dont no one ask me which red cause theyre all red and nice compared to white anything!! :q

On the matter of the poles I think Ive sussed it now... got a couple of different sized lengths of pole from a couple of old annexes hidden away in the back spider infested corner of the shed so Im gonna take young Josh out shortly and cut and drill the things then if the weather stays the same tomorrow we'll bring around the camper and try them out... should work a treat I reckon :2tsup:


30th May 2008, 06:39 PM
:o Roo N Emu Lasagne any chance of the recipe Roo is easy to get from local butcher Emu :rolleyes: maybe have to do a search.

Oh hang on ADF at Penrith have a few wild on the hoof :2tsup:

Wild Dingo
30th May 2008, 10:14 PM
Easy as mate... mince the buggars mix in fresh roma tomatos some onion plenty of garlic some celery some carrot plenty of fresh oragano and some pinapple (add the pinapple toward the end) cook slow and steady... splash in about 250 - 300mils of a GOOD red wine while cooking

Make the white sause... mix flour and butter in low heat slowly adding the flour add milk (bout half a cup usually give or take) and some fresh grated nutmeg bring to JUST on boil... and when its slowly coming to JUST on boil add a cup of parmesian cheese mix it in.. NOTE!! DO NOT BURN THE FLOUR it will make the sauce taste like utter crap!

I also make my own lasangue too but thats a journey in itself :doh:

Lay some of the meat mix on the base of a large oven roaster then a layer of white sauce then a layer of parmesian... another layer of meat white sauce but this time add a layer of roccota cheese... next layer run some motzarrella cheese instead... whenever you get to the final layer dob balls of butter over the top of the lasangue and cover the whole thing in a thick layer of parmesian cheese throw a light layer of motzarella over that and bung it in the oven

Trouble I find with making my own is the sheer quantity I end up with!! usually I sorta overdose everything... usually end up with 2 large roaster things full.... lasangue usually ends up about 4inches thick... Strangely enough I rarely have any thing left to freeze no matter how many are eating!!... not sure if its the cheeses or the wine or even the flavors of the meat but its the ducks knuts thats for sure... even my mums old Italian friends wife couldnt fault it and man she can cook lasangue!! :2tsup:

Had them stumped when they first had some... couldnt for the life of them work out what meat I used and I wasnt about to tell em till the wine was drunk and the meal well over... now she uses roo every lasangue she makes :2tsup:

31st May 2008, 07:53 AM
:2tsup::2tsup: Thanks Shane printed out and handed to LOML

What ever you have (the bug) hope it clears up soon :B can be embarrassing .