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24th July 2008, 12:55 AM
Im thinking about a short trip next school holidays.
Can anyone tell me if its feasable to do Millstream-chichester and Karijini parks in 9 days from perth?
Ill probably have two daughters with me 9 and 14.
80 series cruiser
will this be pushing through too fast to see anything?

24th July 2008, 08:08 PM
Yes it is possible. However I would also point out that there is so much to see and do in those areas, added to which you will probably spend several day getting up there and back - so in reality you will be in too much of a rush to get the best out of such a trip.

I spent many years working and travelling that area. Believe me it is absolutely wonderfull, but try to allow longer.


24th July 2008, 11:10 PM
thanks dennford, I'll see if can squeeze some more time for it.
Would Newman be the best way there? is there anything much to see on the way? or jsut drive right through?

24th July 2008, 11:48 PM
Hello Craig, cobber. Spent 30 years living in the pilbara. Suggestions; * 9 days not long enough, to much to see and do. *Perth to Newman 1 full day travel, easy 12hrs via inland road. * Karajini NP most main roads bitumen, fuel Oski road house and Tom Price *Camp out in National Park or Tom Price Accommodation if available *Tom Price to Millstream, python pool etc camp out *Chitchester national park one days travel to Roebourne Good for a look at the old jails historic value, overnight Point Sampson also stopping at Cosak on the way heaps of history an great fishing. *Next day Karratha Dampier threw to Overlander turn of to sharkbay if you wanted to go in. Then on to Perth the next day. Hope this helps you plan your travels, Enjoy them! Cheers n Beers Graham!

25th July 2008, 12:04 AM
thanks dennford, I'll see if can squeeze some more time for it.
Would Newman be the best way there? is there anything much to see on the way? or jsut drive right through?

If you are set on doing the trip (it sounds to me as though you are) then please try to get some more time.

You ask if Newman would be the best way. Certainly it is shorter - but only by a marginal amount of time. So the ideal for my way of thinking is to go up there by the coastal highway and return via Newman, Magnet etc.
Presuming that you wish to get the maximum time up in the Pilbara I would allow 2 days there and 2 days back - sure you can get there in a day (20 hours solid driving) and the same return, but why not make the trip up a part of your holiday - especially as you are travelling with children.

Now I am presuming that you intend camping. If so then there are numerous places that are safe to camp roadside on the way up there, I can recomend a few (or books that list such places).

If you are camping then a very rough itinery would be as follows (I can give much more info' if you want).

Day 1 & 2 Perth to Tom Price, possibly overnighting around Carnarvon. Possible points of interest would be the fig trees of Dongara, the leaning trees of Greenough, possibly the Geraldton cathedral or the Sydney memorial, at Carnarvon is the historic precinct and of course a stop to buy tropical fruits from the many plantations there.

Before turning off to Tom Price a stop by the Ashburton river at Nanutarra for some good scenic pic's is recomended but dont but fuel at Nanutarra unless you have to ( I paid $2.30/litre 3 months ago)

Tom price is an ideal stop off for Karinjini. There are several official campsites in Karinjini so spending several days there is not difficult. So long as you are active and capable I would recomend that you take walks down most of the major gorges.

Joffre requires a little agility to descend the falls, but once down there unless you are quite adventurous you cant get very far - still worth the descent.

Hancock weano and Knox gorges are possibly a little more accesible, but still require a deal of care.

At the western end of the park, Hammersley gorge is quite easy yet still interesting - see if you can find the wonderfully hidden "fairy cave"

At the eastern end of the park is Dales gorge which is great for anyone with a modicum of fitness and agility; whilst probably the easiest of all is Kalamina gorge which although an easy walk is none the less beautifull.

Official camping is either at Dales or Hancock.

If you have the time and decide to go to the Chichesters, they are an easy half days drive from Karinjini. Highlights are of course Python pool (make sure that you climb above the pool to see the cascading rock pools that most people miss) also Millstream which I now consider spoiled since they removed all those palm trees.

Return of course via karinjini and the Mt Bruce - Newman road. Once past Newman there isn't a lot to see untill you get to the old towns Meekatharra, Cue and Magnet: All of which have interesting connections to the old gold rush days..

Enjoy your trip and if you want more info' just ask.



The best gorge to takre a family including kids would have to be Dales - easy yet spectacular, take the walk down to circular pool, then follow the markers to Fortescue falls, climb up the falls and don't forget to go past the top of these falls to Fern pool, return to the top of the falls, then take the track out of the gorge and follow the rim of the gorge back to wher you started. Total time, 2-3 hours


25th July 2008, 01:05 AM
Hey, thanks guys, thats very helpful.
Im hoping to swag it but that will depend on the girls. I deffinately want to go as light as possible.
I can vaguely recall Python pool and millstream from when I was a kid.
Ive had an idea for a few years now of doing a "swimming tour of the north west". This could be the first instalment. I want to find as many swimming holes etc as time permits.

25th July 2008, 01:23 AM
I can remember the days Millstream had a great boozer,agree has gone down since calms clean up awhile ago. Plenty of water holes over that way,Gregories etc.Enjoy. Murry Pool sth Ktha about 25ks,was a good camp spot.