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20th Aug 2008, 08:16 PM
Hi guys,
I know im probably doing re runs on the topic but i still cant get my head(thick as it may be :) ) around it.
I know NOTHING about the machines in question and what they are capable of ...I have read some articles to help on this and at the end ... " Both good depending on your needs" ???

So Point to Point v's CNC router (i suppose the new tech NBM ones) and pods v's FlatBed the questions can keep going on :)

As a backround, im with a small team (total 3) mainly producing cabinetry. 80% of our work is private hence always new designs.

We are considering the advantages that would come about by introducing and employing :U a machine as number 4 employee ! ...point to point / cnc nbm ??
We are aware that obviously it will help with production speed however we are stuck on the choice that which 1 will suit our needs. To further that point we know that if u pay 200-300k yes u'll get a state of the art machine that does all this and even serves you your lunch hot !! but realistically we are happy in considering a good used machine that will suffice & keep our costs low and produce quality work .

To rest our overworked Panel Saw .... we need the machine to handle all our cutting and drilling for carcass and doors (flat panel and profiled) hinge holes etc . .. if it can cam or pilot hole (hence drill horizonatlly into material) bonus.

So my Questions go out to you gurus out there.

What do u recommend P2P or CNC NBM? Or can Both do it??
Any Advantages and disadvantages on both types?? (ie. 1 is good for this that the other isnt??)
Do u recommend any machines / models (eg Morbedelli, Weeke etc ) that would be able to do this? Even older models (doesnt have to be a new mercedes)
Do u recommend any specific software for either carcass/door profiling or all in 1??

Any light shed on this would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance

Turok Concepts
5th May 2009, 06:05 PM
hi mate just wondering how you went about your situation?

also where would you reccomend i find a good un bias site or mag to educate myself on the in's and out of buying a cnc or ptp? cheere's

5th May 2009, 08:51 PM
Sorry guys don't think we are ignoring you. I can probably speak for the majority by saying we are not in a position to make a recommendation on a machine for you. We build hobby machines and I would not like to lead you down the garden path with a critcal and expensive machine choice.

6th May 2009, 12:23 AM
You might look up 'Rocket67' across on the CNC Zone Forum. I think that Rod has an Excitech router table (a biiigg one!) that he uses to make wardrobe doors and the like. Rod came to the CNC BBQ in Melbourne last May and was very willing to share thoughts and experiences about his machine.