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18th Dec 2008, 03:31 PM
Hi everyone,

I apologise for the "stuffing" around with this idea/project, was not intentional, and I'm now in the position to correct it.

OK, the deal is, all tools and accessories supplied by Craig & Donna from Easy Wood Tools at www.easywoodtools.com (http://www.easywoodtools.com) are now available in Australia (Mt. Compass - SA "my place"), for a short period of time and for a selected number of item (tools & accessories).

The deal that I organised with Craig for the forum members, include approx. 10 x Ci1 tool set(s), and all components associated with this tool (inserts, screws, deflectors, etc.), all given a 30% discount. Possibly some Ci2's will be also available from here.

This discount represents approx. AU$100 for the purchase of the Ci1 tool set, which I selected as a good combination and starting point for this tool. The Ci1 tool complete set contains the following;

- 1 x Ci1 shaft (no handle)
- 1 x Deflector
- 2 x Square inserts
- 2 x 2" radius inserts
- 2 x 4" radius inserts
- 2 x insert screws

Total price including freight to you --- AU$242.00

This price will be for the 10 x Ci1 tool sets from the special deal, as the 30% discount will be for any accessory (spare inserts, etc) that will come within this batch, further supply can possibly be different.

With the exchange rates changing every day, is near impossible to give a fixed price on imported items but, to assist everyone with decision making and item(s) selection, I have provide a list of prices for comparison at a rate exchange of 0.65 (average)

Ci1 components

- Shaft (only) and no handle ----------USD$82.50 = AU$126.00 Discounted AU$88.20
- Inserts (all 3 types) -----------------USD$13.99 = AU$21.50 Discounted AU$15.05
- Deflector ---------------------------USD$24.95 = AU$38.50 Discounted AU$26.95
- Insert screws -----------------------USD$2.49 = AU$3.85 Discounted AU$2.70

Freight estimation costs per tool set approx. USD$12.00 + AU$9.50 (3kg pre-paid bag), already included in the total tool set price above, (AU$242.00).
For anyone ordering the tool set, any additional accessories will be freight free, until the alowed weight limit of the bag is reached. For orders including spare inserts or other accessories only, the freight cost within Australia will very, depending on what is ordered so please, ask me for a quote at robutacion@yahoo.com.au

Payments will be made by Bank Direct Deposit to my account (info will be provided by email to each interested person), postage will be made in within one working day.

All items expected to be available in a week or so!:D

This is a limited time offer with a limited number of items on offer, so be quick and put your order ASAP, first come first served...!:C:;

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me.


18th Dec 2008, 06:11 PM
I'm in!
PM Sent

19th Dec 2008, 03:24 AM
Yeah, you were the No1, No2 is also gone, No3 is confirming tomorrow(today:D), the 10 sets will not last long...!

Just in case the forumates haven't realise, anyone can order other things without the tool shaft. If you want to make your own, Craig, through me, is still ok with providing the inserts, screws, deflector, etc, with the discounted price so, is no problem in ordering a couple of inserts only, if you want to have a go making something. Free world, free choices...!:D

Well, I maybe shouldn't say this here, even tough I have stated this, on a thread before, after making 4 of these things, and the value of the investment I had to make to produce only the 4 tools (all different insert sizes), I didn't save anything:((, by the contrary, I would be better waited and buy a couple of these discounted tool sets, only if I knew Craig was going to be this generous...!:doh:.

And yes..., my time is also money...!:o:~:q


Craig Jackson
19th Dec 2008, 05:32 AM
I guess the clearest way for folks to look at this is:

1. Robutacion is going to be a mini Easy Rougher store in Australia.
2. The intent of this arrangement is for us to help out on the unfavorable AU to US dollar exchange rate.
3. We are preparing an assortment of tools and carbide inserts to send him very soon.
4. You can buy anything listed on our website ( www.EasyWoodTools.com (http://www.EasyWoodTools.com) ) at 30% our website prices form Robutacion.
5. Contact robutacion directly by personal message.
6. Deal is only until his stock runs out.

We are doing our best to make this Easy.

Craig Jackson

20th Dec 2008, 02:27 AM
Hi everyone,

I had some expressions of interest also for the Ci2.
The prices in AU$ after discount, were worked out on the first post but refer to the Ci1 mainly so, I had to do some calculation to reply to this forumate, and I believe this information will be better served if made public, so that everybody can see!

An this was the result;

If my calculations are right, the Ci2 that Craig sell at the US site, with the discounted offer of 30% will be as following;

- Ci2 Easy Rougher Mini w/ Easy Grip Handle installed and one square insert and screw
USD$119.00 x 30% - =USD$83.30 x (approx.0.65 average conversion rate)=AU$128.20

- All other components are the same prices already worked out in AU$ on the first post, appart from the insert screw that is only a few cents cheaper.

Now, putting it all together, we have the Ci2 Tool as described for AU$128.20
Then we add the freight from the USA to Australia, calculated at approx, USD$12.00 per tool, this means AU$18.50, then we have the postage from my place SA to all over Australia but using an Australia Post prepaid 3kg bag for AU$10,00 including 0.50ct for bubble rap and tape.

So you you are looking at the Ci2 tool with handle and 1x square insert only, the price will be AU$156.50 delivered to you door!

If you want the tool with the deflector, you add AU$26.95,
and for every spare insert, you add AU$15.05,
for the insert screws, you add AU$2.50

The deflector and spare inserts will sent in the 3kg bag at no extra cost in freight to you, as they will still be inside of the weight allowed.

PS: Thanks Craig for confirming what the achievement targets are on both sides. I believe everyone has already realised that, this is going to be a "short thing" so, someone will miss out, and that is something I can't do anything about it...!


22nd Dec 2008, 09:45 AM
Hi everyone,

There have been some major "adjustments" to how people are getting their gear discounted from Craig in the USA. This become a necessity, after has been confirmed that putting all those tools and accessories in a box and send it to me for distribution, will attract GST and Customs fees and charges, that have to be paid before those items are processed and sent to me. This would defeat the purpose and cancel the discount out, making the deal useless to us here in Australia so, and to cut a long story short, I have proposed a plan B to Craig to solve this problem, and this is what he just sent me as confirmation;

"OK -
1. Anyone from the forum that wants to order from us can have 30% off website prices on their order. They will need to email us at craig@easywoodtools.com (http://au.mc01g.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=craig@easywoodtools.com) with what they want.

2. I will then send them a PayPal Invoice with the discounted total plus actual shipping.
(We use US Express Mail on all tool orders and we cannot discount the actual shipping costs.)

3. We will ship it direct to them after they pay the invoice.

4. Offer ends January 31, 2009."

Indeed, this mean that you also just saved the $10 for the 3kg bag, and more importantly, if you think that your tool (order) will now take longer to get to you, think again, more often than not, postage within Australia soil, takes longer to arrive then parcels send from Overseas, and this is no joke!

Now, just follow Craig's instructions and everything will be fine...!

I apologise for the "required" change of plans but in the end, the deal is still on, and those that are in the position to take advantage of the heavy discounted items, can still do so!
This is the best I can do, and the last chance to honour the offer from myself and Craig, I hope you are ok with this:D.


22nd Dec 2008, 06:22 PM
thanks for your efforts in this matter!

24th Dec 2008, 01:52 PM
Not a problem steck!

I know of a few people that showed interest on taking advantage of Craig's discount offer, and is my understanding also that some orders have already been put through since a solution was found.
I would be thankful to all of forumates that make any purchase under this deal, to post just a little note of what they purchased. With a limited time frame to utilise this offer, it will be interesting to know, how many forum members manage to benefit from the discount, and what were their items of choice (purchases).
No, I'm trying to put my nose on someone else's business, I believe of interest for me, the "instigator" and for the forum members in general, to see how all this did turn up...!:D

Maybe if successful, something that could be attempted with other woodturning suppliers of tools, machines & accessories, huh?:roll::;

Season Greetings everyone!


24th Dec 2008, 09:37 PM
I ordered the Ci1 Rougher from Craig with the deflector. I borrowed the loaner and the stream of chips went straight into my face. Even with face protection this was very disconcerting, so I think the deflector is an essential item.
I ordered 2 of the square inserts and 1 each of the curved ones.
Came to $240 Aussie Dollars including postage.
Should be in the post soon!:2tsup:
Merry Christmas!:2tsup:

2nd Jan 2009, 09:35 PM
Thanks to the forum members who advised us of the customs charges. I got worried when I worked it out. I would hate to see what actual importers pay per year. It must be terrible.


31st Jan 2009, 12:39 PM
Hi everyone,

As far as I understand or unless Craig has extended the closing date for his 30% discount forum members offer, today the 31 January, is the last day for the promotional discount. I am wondering how many members have indeed manage to benefit from Craig generous discount, in this time of low value for our Australian dollar.

I do hope that the end date has been extended, allowing many more members to have a chance to get a few "bucks" together, after the always expensive Christmas season times.

Just let us know if you manage to purchase anything, and if you are on line Craig, let us know how it all went...!:wink: