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3rd May 2004, 09:08 PM
While building new front porch have just discovered there is a lake under our house. After tunneling under the house (only 200mm clearence) discovered that the water is coming from the bath tub, where the pvc pipe screws on to the stainless plug fitting.....the water doesn't drip out ...it gushes out. I can see this from a distance as I still have to tunnel a further 10ft to get to the location. I renovated the bathroom exactly 1 year ago and was going to have a crack at the plumbing myself...but the missus wouldn't let me, so we got the plumber we have used before who's work was always excellent and the price reflected that. So now it seems that this problem may be his doing where do I stand with him. Surely he should fix this for nothing.....also when the house was restumped 9 years ago they went for stump savers under the house bar the external stumps....so now these stump savers are under water, this can't be good! Digging tunnels under a house is hard work....any tips?