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12th May 2009, 10:51 AM
Greetings all,
This forum is provided as a service to all members who wish to record a permanent listing or index of their projects or processes posted on any WWF. That is why this is called a Personal Project Index (PPI)

The way a PPI works is best demonstrated by the existing thread in this forum.

It shows a member's list of projects and links to the relevant WWF posting.
Members can choose any grouping system (within reason) that is meaningful to them. eg, A series of posts by year, or one post for all their turning projects, another for all their boat projects and one for all pens.
Each thread is dedicated to that member, no one else can post into that thread because only the Librarian can post into this forum.
As well as products, PPIs can also list, Processes, How To Do's and WPIs etc.

The reason for the PPI forum is two fold
1) Members can keep a logical listing of projects and process and thus quickly find link to their specific project within WWF, no more trawling through hundreds of your posts to find when you did X!
2) Searching the PPI will reveal links to REAL products, processes, how to's, WPI etc. Before posting these are checked for suitability by the Librarian so there is some quality control over the content and no more wading through 1000's of posts which just refer to comments or opinions incidentally related to the search term.

If you wish to have your own PPI here is what you do.

Search your current WWF postings (it could be the last time you should need to do this) and find the links to any our your products and processes that you think will be suitable for your PPI.
Record a couple of key words or phrase to describe each product or process. Eg "Gluing up a table top" , "Fossilized wood pen", "Workbench WIP"
You can also add one brief sentence to describe the product and/or process
Organise the Key Words and links of lists into a logical order that make sense to you and send these to Librarian
The Librarian will check for suitability, edit the list and set up your PPI thread.
Each member has their own thread, and can request through the Librarian to add to or edit a post, or if required add a new post.
As you complete projects you can request to add these to your PPI through the Librarian.

As usual all WWF rules apply eg No links to outside sites etc

In addition there will be no images posted within a PPI and the Librarian will have the final say on logical organization, suitability of listing etc.

If you have any questions or need help to get started feel free to PM me about this.

Don't rush me now!
Conan (the Librarian) - I always wanted to say that......:D

12th May 2009, 07:11 PM
This message will be sent out from time to time to act as a reminder that PPI's are available to all members - .

Thanks jmk89 for being the second member to get their PPI going.

A reminder, you don't have to put up a comprehensive list of everything you've ever done - maybe even just a list of the "Best of your best" :)

And if you need any help, just ask.