View Full Version : Huon Pine Log Sections - Melbourne

29th May 2009, 06:36 PM

Some years ago I ran a woodturning business and after I wound it up I disposed of most of the timber I had.

I still have some Huon Pine in log section which is ideal for turning and/or carving.

I've had it in my shed for over 20 years and it's time it was converted to something beautiful or practical so I'm hoping someone will buy it from me.

I have attached a photo of the three pieces showing dimensions. The weights and dimensions of the pieces, (marked A, B and C) : A = 130 cm, 32.5 kilos
B = 550 cm, 13.5 kilos
C = 420 cm, 8.0

I'm not up with the latest prices for this sort of timber but about $300 for the lot sounds fair. If it's not fair I'm quite happy to be advised. I'm based in Melbourne (Frankston) so it would have to be of interest to someone fairly local, I guess.


Art Payne