Everyone interested in woodcarving asks ,"what tools do I buy?' Every expert has a set of tools that is touted as a starter set.And,the tool companies all have sets marker "beginner". Yet,the advice is not to buy sets of tools,only buy as you need them.The guy giving that advice never paid postage on individual tools! So,I would like to ask something not attempted before,a favorite tool survey.No hurry. As you carve pick the five tools used most often,then the next five or so.Describe the type of carving ,and be, to some degree ,specific,.For example,relief,floral ,10 to 15 inches,or Abstract,2 to4 feet/metres.At some point in time certain tools will show up in the majority for each,style and type of carving.Those tools will be the suggested tools.,Add pixkures of yor work.Am willing to bet the tool companies will be watching any replies,thank you ,cordially nad