Hi all,
I have been dabbling in woodworking for a while. Attended a woodworking short course a couple of years back and continue to "learn" new things on an adhoc basis.
I love making wooden boxes and have just finished a NSW blackwood box for the grandsons small lego pieces. I was really pleased with it ...altho it still could use some work. He then asked for it to be painted blue...OMG...oh well...he loves it blue...and I still have plenty of wood to build another.
The course taught me how to use a number of tools and my husband has helped me with using the table saw, router table, router, drill press, scroll saw, sander, mini jet lathe, orbital sander, thicknesser, jigsaw. Still learning tho.
I plan on attempting to build a station clock, so I have posted a query in the clock forum.
Manage to turn some pens, knife handles and a heap of bobbins for my two daughters...

I also love to dabble in stained galss and geneology,,,so all my spare time is tken up with one of these hobbies.
Any help or tips with the the clock would be terrific....

Western Australia