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    Default Basta... customising a Kreg router top

    posted this elsewhere but no response or I made it too complicated

    I want to fit my router top on a bench along with SCMS, and bandsaw. I want them all on same working level, that part is easy.
    My problem arises with the router, to have it working in line with the others the front end of table pokes (drum roll) could I cut a lull length slice off the Kreg just outside of the T slot and hinge that so it drops down when not in use and would not intrude into working area.
    Maybe a couple of folding gate legs to support it but it would need to be accurate in its horizontal position.
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    Just a heads up, if you've got the same Kreg router table top as myself (this one), it has steel supports to reinforce the MDF that makes up the top. Can't remember which way they run though.

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