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    Default Differences in Single Part & Two Part Polyurethane Glues

    I asked this question elsewhere but got no response, is there a difference in performance between the two?

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    Yes, there is, although I doubt there is any appreciable difference with respect to woodworking.

    In a nutshell, "two pack" retains it's adhesive properties better at higher temperature. So, should you throw a glued up piece on the fire, make sure you've used two pack, lest it fall apart before it's converted into ash.

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    My understanding is as foillows.
    Two part adhesives have the curing agent mixed intimately with the adhesive so there is usually a more "even curing" hence "even strength" bonding developed.
    One part adhesives usually rely on heat, moisture or air as the curing agent.
    One part adhesives that use heat as the curing agent have less problems curing evenly, but even air and moisture curing depends on the material and the depth/thickness of the joint.
    Wood joints are usually narrow and wood itself usually has enough residual moisture to enable even curing. However, a deep/thick joint in metal is probably best served by 2 part adhesive, and something like a 2 part epoxy if higher temps are going to be involved.

    There are a few other property differences other than bond strength between the two adhesive types but they nearly all come back to the even-ness of curing

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