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    Default Fine Woodworking subscription

    This immediately made me remember trying to unsubscribe from Taunton Fine Woodworking magazine (the "cancel credit card" idea worked in the end....)

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    Then whatever you do, don't accept a free trial of Kogan First.

    I bought something and a popup advised that I could get free shipping if I took a free 14 day trial of Kogan First. Cancel any time within the trial period and there would be no cost. What harm could it do?

    Well after the item was in the post I tried to log into my account to cancel the free trial. My computer saves my passwords so I could not have mistyped it, but I got wrong password message. I could not log into the account to cancel the free trial. I followed the "lost password" procedure which was supposed to send an email allowing me to reset the password. No email arrived - many times. Then I discovered that there is no way to send an email to customer support unless you are logged in to your account. FAQ's of unable to log in to account advised to try the "forgotten password" procedure .

    Eventually I found an option to log in via paypal account. My paypal account has not been used in years and I have never registered it with Kogan or bought anything from Kogan using paypal, but my Kogan email address was the same as my paypal email address so somehow that got me in and I canceled the free trial.

    All that to save $8.50 on postage
    Theory and practice are the same in theory, but different in practice.

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