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    Default Kerf Cutting Calculator

    Someone asked me about a Kerf Cutting Calculator, to work out the number, width and spacing of cuts to form a curve in a piece of timber.
    Looks like more of an art to me, than something you can totally calculate. Particularly the depth of the cuts, and resulting minimum thickness of wood for the bend, which would depend on the wood type, dimensions, angle of curve etc.
    So I've had a go at a test calculator to work out the geometry of the cuts, spacings etc from entered dimensions. It just calculates the geometry of the cuts so when the piece is bent, the inside edges of the cuts meet to form the curve.

    It has diagrams so you can get a better visual representation of whats happening, as well as a full scale printable template to mark out the cut centres.
    Also you can drag sliders to animate the diagrams.


    If any of you have experience with this sort of thing (I don't), I'd appreciate any advice or recommendations on it's practicability and where it might go from here.


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    Definitely more of an art, but at least it gives a starting point for refinement. Not only the dependent elements you cite, but also behavior differs between long-grain and cross-grain - more limber and weaker in cross-grain.

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