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    Default Simple Quilt holder

    Haven't posted for a while, been out of commission but here goes...

    A friend's wife is a quilter, her daughter is getting married and so she wanted a quilt holder, but "not those fancy ones or cutie ones you build"... Tell me more...
    Her bedroom is plain white with beadboard on the headboard and the chest as well... so I designed this simple Quilt holder. The legs are 6/4 and the rails are 4/4 (provides a clean shadow line) and the rods are 1" dia. No metal fasteners, just joinery & glue

    With my weakness in my hands gettting worse, painting has become a problem. I tried a brush but culdn't hold it properly. Then tried spray cans but couldn't hold down the spray button, so I got one of those gun type handles and could hold it with both hands. But not two days in a row.
    Sorry for the poor picture but my daughter borrowed my good camera so I brought this hulk out of retirement,
    Hope you like the design, Have had several requests for similar... Will have to wait till this weakness issue is resolved.

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    looks good hickory simple but elegant hope the weakness issue is resolved quickly

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