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    Default Timber hardwood outdoor stairs repair

    Hi all

    i have a 9 tread metal stairs with metal stringers and 50 mm hardwood stairs. The metal brackets are rusting away under the stairs. The whole deck and stairs is 25 yo. see photos. string shoot need to be 90 degrees clokwise

    A few question.

    I am replacing the badly rusted stringer with new ones, welding them on. Thinking of filling the bolt holes in the steps then re-drilling new holes for new brackets, quessing there not going to line up perfectly.
    I am assuming this is how its done when they build it new?

    So what the best way to fill the holes so they are waterproof? I was thinking gluing in dowels, if there is an easy better way let me know?

    Timber sitting on metal stringers doesnt seem like a good idea. Moister either gets down the bolt holes or some other way. So what the best option to aviod this happening? Was thinking washers between metal and treads, but they will still hold moisture and rust.

    Timber stairs are being run thru the thicknesser to get them back to looking good.

    Any other advice for doing this type of repair appreciated
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    I use 12mm hex head coach screws with a washer from underneath, no hole through the top to let water in.

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