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    where to get veener from?

    I have two entrance doors I want to resurface/ put veener on. Either have it done for me or do it myself. I know I can buy small sheets of iron on veener but I would like to use ONE sheet / door.
    1. Does iron on come that big?
    2. Can anyone assist with a supplier or company who can do it for me please.
    tar, Derek.
    ( this is only my second message but I think this is a great forum.)

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    I am not sure how good a solution it would be to veneer your doors, if you plan to completely resurface the doors, the edges are a high wear area and will certainly delaminate over time unless you edge them. If your door is just flat w/o profile chances are that it is a cheap hollow door and may in fact be worth less than the materials and effort you will spend on it.

    If you still want to do it perhaps you can sand down your door and have a joinery/cabinet maker in your area that has a veneer press do it for you, I would stay clear of the Iron veneer stuff for an external application.

    Perhas others have different views, hope that helps.


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