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    Default FREE sharpening seminars

    For those living in Sydney I received an email today from Japan Tools on four free sharpening seminars coming up at Kogarah.

    I have been to a few talks there lately including one on tools and sharpening and would highly recommend going along. A heads up on food, eat before arriving as they provide chips, dips and drinks only and the sessions go for two hours.

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    I went along to the sharpening workshop last night.
    Most worthwhile, so thanks for posting the heads up.
    I took along all my Japanese tools and managed to sharpen one.
    A rather large slick that over my repeated sharpening on water stones had lost its flatness on the back.
    I used a steel plate which was first rubbed with the slurry grit from a water stone.
    Took a couple of hours but I was more than happy with the result.
    I have been woodworking for about 55 years, learnt to sharpen on Al Oxide oilstones as an apprentice.
    Then Carborundum and finish on hard black Arkansas during a Furniture design/making course.
    Got into waterstones about 20 years ago, used them same as oilstones and stopped making much in wood.
    I found that having made the effort to attend a class put my head in the right space to achieve a result.
    Too often when a tool is blunt in the middle of a job a quick rough hone up is counter productive.
    Thanks again and I recommend this to all woodies, the other 9 participants were all newbies but all achieved a satisfying result and learnt heaps.
    Jimcracks for the rich and/or wealthy. (aka GKB '88)

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