I have been setting up my machine shop as part of that I needed to have a 20 amp circuit installed, I was fortune enough that the electrician who did the installation moonlights as a knife maker specialising in forging Japanese style laminated knives.

In exchange for doing the wiring for me he asked me to source a kanna he could use in the shaping the wooden saya (sheaths) for his knives.

To this end I secured two Kikuhiromaru Ko Kanna 菊弘丸 小鉋 through my contact in Japan. I placed the order a little more then a month ago, and tonight I got the email saying that they are ready. I decided to purchase an extra kanna at the same time for myself, this will be my first brand name kanna.

Here are some teaser photos. They should arrive in Australia in 7 - 10 days.

For those wondering the 42mm kanna cost AU $227.6 & the 36mm kanna cost $220.49 A bargain considering I was quoted up to $1800 for the circuit installation.