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    Default Oire-nomi or umeki-nomi for small sizes

    I have both oire-nomi bench chisels and umecki-nomi dovetail chisels in various sizes. I'd like to add a 3mm chisel to my collection. For a chisel that small does it matter which style it is? I understand that a umeki-nomi is designed for lighter hammer strikes but you're not going to be wailing away on a chisel that small anyway so is there any advantage, one over the other?


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    3mm chisel are very fragile they are easy to bend and care must be taken when setting them up. I would opt for Kaku-uchi oire-nomi with their boxy cross section they will make them more rigid.

    However a Mukoumachi Nomi would be even better. Since they are taller then they are wide and have allot of rigidity.

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    I've got a set of 1.5-6mm chisels all were purchased as 'standard' nomi's but in smaller sizes as thumbsucker said, they basically come in the format of a sized down mukoumachi nomi (mortise chisel). I don't think i've ever taken a hammer to any of them. Just pushing pressure for detail / cleanup work. It takes a good smith to make accurate chisels under 3mm.

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