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    You top my longevity, but I'm also in IT for a looong time.

    The guy was probably a bit peeved that Autodaesk even forwarded him the "lead" when I said (on my initial request to them) I was only a hobbyist and needed help renewing for subsequent years as a hobbyist... So really I don't blame him, he was pretty quick to hurry me along when I told him that if it came to dollars, I wouldn't be renewing so quoting was probably unnecessary. Again, the filter at AD should have stopped this getting to him. If only it was a chat not a freeform text on the website!

    Oh and I knew the Sketchup Free move to web (like all products basically are) was potentially a challenge, and I have Sketchup2017 installed locally and expect that I can keep it alive for a little while yet, but given the current F360 focus that may be just to open other people's models in

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    I gave up on free software long ago - I reckon you get what you pay for. I had DesignCad for a long while but it only runs on Windows. Now I have ViaCad. Forget what I paid for it but it wouldn't have been too expensive, and it's a one-off payment. The manual is good, and it's easy to learn. It's been able to do everything I want, including compound angles - often several ways.
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