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    And LPG is in many ways safer than diesel which burns hotter. It's all relative.

    The point I was making is hydrogen can toast you nicely to a dark shade of brown, so be careful.
    I'm just a startled bunny in the headlights of life. L.J. Young.
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    Bit of a hijack, we used to produce small amounts of hydrogen when I was a kid. In WA where there were NO fireworks we made our own fun...gunpowder and hydrogen too. Mix up a strong caustic solution in a bottle, drop in chunks of scrap aluminium which would bubble fiercely (hydrogen gas) and then trap it in a balloon over the neck. Needless to say, an explosive balloon!

    Andy Mac
    Change is inevitable, growth is optional.

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    Thanks to you all for the comments and replies. I have done quite a bit of reading about this particular matter. The comments regarding Voltage and Current seemed to have been addressed by the use of dc which is pulsed and has been reduced to about 1.5 to 2 amps which is very sustainable. A circuit is available for the home brewer. There are all sorts of claims regarding increased mileage return but it appears that 15 to 20 percent is attainable.

    There is quite a bit of BS being put out by people selling kits etc in the States that you have to sift through, but never the less interesting.

    Mr Meyer is a real ground breaker with the available technology but has unfortunately has met with an untimely death. One of the concerns I have is that not once have I encountered the warning regarding Hexavalent Chromium cr6 which is a known carcinogen to mankind. (USA HINKLEY disaster)

    The experimenters are all playing with Stainless Steel by welding, Cutting, Sanding, and then eventually dissolving it by the nature of how it produces Hydrogen Gas to be fed into an engine and into into the atmosphere through an exhaust pipe and saving a few bucks on fuel. If one could imagine thousands of vehicles using road ways using this type of fuel with associated chemical danger to the other users would certainly thin the population if it is as the warnings suggest.

    Think I will keep reading for a while to come before diving in. There are several points where you can fill up with hydrogen which has been produced but it apparently is stored in your system at about 3,000 PSI in a tank, you would never have to worry about making a claim on your insurer if you had an accident.

    Regards Mike

    ( the jury is still out on the above)

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