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Thread: Win10 Crash

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    Default Win10 Crash

    Hey Guys,
    I have an old laptop I was given, unknown Athlon cpu and 4gig of ram - I decided to put Win10 on it and see if I can get used to it before putting it on this desk top PC.
    (I'm an obstinate git, I like Win7 but I accept that I'll have to change eventually)

    I installed Win10 and got it working, (it actually ran okay on 4gig of ram) installed Firefox and then Deluge - Deluge required an MS MSCE update.
    MCSE required a re-start and then I get an error message which I took sod all notice of, but let it do another restart to auto fix the problem.
    Now it won't even boot, I press the on button and the second it tries to start Windows it shuts down, it won't even try to boot from CD.

    Before I pull the HD and format it via an external caddy on this pc, is there any trick or hint I can try.

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    I'd try to get into the CMOS setup & set it to boot from the CD.
    Actually, I wouldn't, I would try to get it to boot from a USB 'cos the is how I install Win 10 now.
    Once I got it up & running Win 10 again, I'd do all the windows updates before attempting to install any apps.
    If you find a post of mine that is missing a pic that you'd like to see, let me know & I'll see if I can find a copy.

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