Hi everyone,

I'm just introducing our business to the forum as a new sponsor if that's OK, we're all about fasteners, fixings and handtools, the difference being we are purely an ecommerce business, so with very little retail overheads we can offer great pricing.

We're a brand new business and although our range is pretty big we'll still be looking to expand it rapidly so any feedback from you guys on things you'd like to see us stock would be really useful, we've also just launched our handtool range which is massively disounted and comes from from all the major manufacturers, Stanley, Marshalltown, Kincrome, Irwin etc.

I'll be kicking around here pretty regular and will be happy to offer any advice or pointers to members where I can in a genuine unbiased manner, I've been in construction and fasteners a loooong time so hopefully I can pass on some of the lesser known aspects of the industry and will be happy to recommend any brand/product that's suitable for the application without trying to ram ours down you.

If there's any decent offers going or we're dishing out any discount coupons I'll be happy to post them on here and the reno forum first.

If anyones got any queries about our operation, fire away, or just check us out at www.scrooz.com.au

Thanks guys (and gals of course)