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    Quote Originally Posted by Treecycle View Post
    Spent my day there and enjoyed what I saw. Talking with Candice, there were 3 demonstrators who pulled out last Monday so that was a real shame for them.
    Caught up with a number of woodworking friends and spent a bit of money. Overall one of my favourite days of the year where you get to see and play with lots of items under the one roof.
    Below are a few photos that I snapped. Only done with the phone so not top quality but better than nothing (even snapped a couple of forum friends).

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    Did anyone go to the show today?
    Doug3030's Open Shed Day 2019 - Sunday 6 October 2019, Hoppers Crossing
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    My 13 yo twin girls and I went yesterday, pretty much the whole day.
    (before 11 till stumps). I did feel quite a buzz when we arrived, with a good crowd although it did thin out later. Which makes it easier to get a good look at everything.

    We thought it was great, the girls did a bit of wood turning (not sure who the instructor was, on the record power stand but he was very patient) and also made chopsticks. That was a great activity, not too long or involved.

    Big purchase was a ukele kit which I have discovered is closer to a pile of wood than a set of pieces to be assembled! But my girls are both keen to build it, as preparation for the mountain dulcimer which really is just a pile of wood, also purchased yesterday. (which is preparation for the harp I have been conscripted to build)

    In my opinion Caulfield was a slightly better venue, bit quieter, closer to me and of course parking is cheaper, but the showgrounds ok. It would be great if that pavilion was too small next year.
    I was expecting a slightly greater range of 'artisans', hopefully it's the acorn from which big things grow.

    It was great planning (!) to have paperrific at the same time even if my wife wasn't well enough to attend in the end.


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    thank you and yes i was and the girls were really good too.
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    This is the first time in 5 years that we were able to get to the show due to other better commitments.
    We knew ahead of time that this was not going to be a wood show that we were used to seeing so were not totally dissapointed with what we saw, very underwhelmed by it all really.
    It was more a craft show which may be the way forward.
    To say they need a bigger venue is a bit much as they had not filled the one they have here, there was a lot of spreading done to try and make it look busy.
    The crowd was not very large, it may have felt busy to some but really there was no elbow to elbow like there used to be. Plenty of room to move about and chat to the vendors.
    We did spend 3 hours there but that was 30 minutes of looking and buying then 2-1/2hrs of chatting to old freinds.
    Would we go again, not really sure, for us it is catching up with old freinds , there is not really anything new there that would interest us that we dont already know about, for the vendors there needs to be real advertising done on TV, radio newspapers to get the new people interested in the crafts to make it more cost effective for the vendors that have stumped up good money to promote themselves and their business. Saying you advertise in magazines, facebook, the forum is ok to a point but that is preaching to the coverted it is the newbies that everyone wants to keep the crafts going.
    That was the other dissaponting thing that some of the advertised crafts were not there.
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