Just thought I would post this here, as I am sure probably not many Aussies are aware of this. The 2012 Real Tennis Australian Open is to be held at the Hobart Real Tennis Club in August with the best players in the world competing for the title. Included in the draw is the World Champion Rob Fahey (world champion since 1995) of Hobart.

Am very much looking forward to catching up with some of the games to be played during the Open.

See below some pictures of the Hobart Court, the shield room and outside of the building.

For those who are not aware of the game, it is a cross between Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Squash but also with the tactics of chess. It is the original game of Tennis. The Hobart Club dates back to 1875 and is the oldest court in the country. Here in Aus it is only played in Tasmania, and Victoria with clubs in Melbourne, Ballarat and Romsey. There used to be a club/court in Sydney but they lost their court.

Real Tennis being played in the UK, USA and France as well. Historically it was played in many more countries but not any more.